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If you’re headed to PAX Prime this next weekend, in the Seattle area, or are looking for a reason to be in the Seattle area, look no further than the Fangamer X Attract Mode art show.

On Friday, August 31 from 7pm till midnight Fangamer and Attract Mode are putting on an art show which spotlights some of the finest artists from around the world. 

It’s kind of like the Avengers, only an ultimate team-up of artists instead of heroes. Who am I kidding? These artists are heroes and inspirations to the masses and it’s just like the Avengers. 

This is just a peek at some of the work that will be on display. See the captions for the artists. 

If you’re going to be in the Seattle area on Friday, August 31 stop by the show, meet your favorite artist and have an awesome time.

OTL Gaming will be there too in case you need someone to stand awkwardly in the corner with you because you don’t know any of these people. We totally get it.

Visit the show’s Facebook page for more info and to RSVP

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